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There is something completely new we would like to post. A concern that has been on the mind of many Escorts and Clients, yet rarely discussed in public – THE SAFETY. When we say SAFETY, we refer to right not to be physically or verbally abused. So we thought of putting in our share of commitment to ensure safe environment for our Gorgeous Escorts and Valued Clients.

So, we’ve decided to create a page where Escorts and Clients can inform the Public about Abusive Clients and Escorts to Avoid. We would like to remind everyone that this is NOT a review board to share personal experiences with Escorts, but a Billboard where Escorts and Clients, that were subject to Physical Violence and General Unpleasant Experience, can disclose information about Clients and Escorts to Avoid.

Genuinely, whether people are doing business or having fun in Life, they should not be subject to physical violence or forceful attitude. Unfortunately, it is hard to predict people’s behavior, so the ability to be little bit more informed about places not to go and people not to see can only help Escorts and Clients to avoid nasty situations. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we cannot count 100% that Law Enforcement can protect our security whenever we are. Of course, the Justice will prevail, but it may be too little too late, so better prevent than to be sorry.

At the Bottom of the Page next to the Site Map, we have placed a direct link to the BlackList Page where we will be adding Information as soon as we receive it. So, whether you are an Escort or Client, and believe that you were subject to an abuse, verbal or physical, or simply would like to inform the public, email us at Please make sure to include the maximum amount of information, including your working alias, the location of the encounter, the name of the Client (if known), phone numbers and so forth…

By no means, this Page is created to put bad advertisement or to promote certain Escorts or Clients or Both. So we will only post the information that we see useful to General Public.  Calling an Escort is a unique experience for both Escorts and Clients and should be fun from the first to the last minute. Human interaction is one of the most beautiful parts of our lives and meeting new, genuine, people should be very exciting. So why bother meeting people that cause trouble in life when they simply should be avoided.Finally, from time to time we will posting information on the Black List Page that will help identify potential troublemakers. There are certain forms of behavior that are easily attributed to them, so it makes it easier to identify them

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