Rules & Guidelines

The Best Escort Experience occurs…

…When Clients Have Respectful Attitudes and Escorts Respond Accordingly.

You would not want to be rude and disrespectful towards a lady that you are dating. You are dating a Lady because you have certain expectations and she would respond based on how you treat her. Same thing here…We’ve put certain rules and guidelines that would help our precious clients spend some quality time and make Montreal a place hard to forget.


Business First

Take care of business first. As with any other service, we expect our clients to have the money ready upon arrival of our ladies. We urge our valued clients to take care of business in the first minutes of the encounter, so precious time will not be spent uselessly.

Respect above everything

Some businesses advertise their clients as their most important asset, others believe employees are more valuable…

We believe happiness and satisfaction of both go side by side. This is why we make sure our ladies treat clients with utmost respect and professionalism. Same goes the other way around. We expect our clients to treat the ladies with courtesy and respect and ensure the overall comfort of the encounter.


A price paid is for 1 full hour of companionship. Our valued clients get exactly what they pay for – 1 full hour. So, at the end of the hour, expect a courtesy call for us, asking you about the quality of the time spent and willingness to reserve additional hours.



As in any other service environment, tips are not mandatory but are certainly welcomed. Confronting the harsh reality of today’s world, we understand that everything is done for money.

So, as a simple rule, tips encourage our ladies to a greater degree to exceed client’s expectations. Yet, don’t get us wrong.

Regardless if tips are involved or not, we expect our clients to spend wonderful time with our ladies and would certainly hope on their repeated business.

Dress Code

Again, a ball game is played on both sides of the court. First, we make sure our ladies are fashionably dressed with slight flare of conservative dress code. On the other hand, we expect our distinct clientele to match this and be dressed appropriately, the same way they would be dressed if they are dating someone.

General Client Guideline

We encourage our clients to follow these simple steps to enhance their satisfaction. First, honesty, friendliness and positive attitude pays off because it helps our ladies gain comfort of this encounter and makes them act at ease.

Also, the environment makes a big difference. A bottle of wine or a little present or even a romantic dinner if multiple hours are reserved, are things that will make our ladies happy and willing to turn the time you spent with them into memorable moments.

Remember, escorts are ladies and ladies like to be spoiled with attention and care and this way they respond accordingly.