SugarBabes Collection – Cathy



Background: French Canadian/Italian
Height: 5-6
Weight: 112 lb
Age: 22
Interests:Music, Food, Life Matters

Individual Profile


If God created Universal Soldier, why the same logic cannot be used to Create a Universal Lady. Meet Cathy – the Universal Lady a la SugarBabes: shy and discreet, yet the wild and passionate when the time is appropriate. Ideal for all sorts of events and encounters. A regular visitor of Montreal‘s Glamorous joints, she is a living reference guide to Montreal’s best places for fun.

Cathy is one of the sweetest Ladies we have met. Soft and Gentle, she enjoys the company of well-mannered gentleman and would waste no time in putting him at complete ease and comfort. Being an Exclusive and Patient Escort, Cathy’s ability to create a relaxed atmosphere is compared to the one of Oriental Geisha. Cathy is our introduction card. And should she not be able to exceed the expectations, it would make little sense to continue with more expensive collections.

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