Top Choices Awards

Here we will be summarizing the information we have previously reviewed on top choices in various categories. As much as we are devoted to Montreal’s Escort Environment, we are also going to be covering Escort Rankings around the world and other spots of interest within Montreal and elsewhere.

World’s Top Escort Directories

We are giving a ranking and a thoughtful analyses to the world’s most comprehensive and useful Escort Directories. We base our research on following criteria: Content, Ease of Access and General Presentation. Undeniably, these directories serve a great deal of help to someone who is travelling to a new destination and is in search of hot female companionship.

World’s Tour of Escort Heavens

We have decided to rank world’s travel destination in terms of World’s Best Escort Destinations. We are presenting you the last 5 selections. New names are on the list as some governments realized the importance of the tourism revenue that is associated with Escorts and Escort Agencies.

World’s Tour of Escort Heavens, Part 2

The Continuation of the previous ranking with the presentation of the first five selections. Arguably, some destinations have cemented their ranking for ages, while others are new in the list. Once you come to number 1 spot, you will truly realize why number 1 spot righteously belong to the best city in terms of Escorts and Escort Agencies.

The Escort Rates in Montreal and in the Rest of the World

It’s kind of useful to know what rates do Escorts charge in Montreal. Are they cheap, expensive or afforable. It is even more useful to know how do they blend in with the rates for Escorts around the globe. Actually, you will be amazed how cheap or expensive do Escorts get in different parts of the world. What is even more amazing is how, within the same city, the prices can jump from a dirt cheap 60$ to 1000$ per hour.

10 Top Places for Dating Ladies and Escorts in Montreal

So you happen to call for an Escort in Montreal, reserved her for a few hours with a possibility of adding few more hours down the road, and yet, you are clueless as to where to take her? Here are the list of what we think are the top 10 places for these purposes. Again, some places are cheap while others require a very fat wallet. Your choice…

10 Top Places to Absolutely Visit in Montreal

Every city has its landmarks. So does Montreal. We’ve ranked the top 10 places you absolutely don’t want to miss while visiting Montreal. Visiting these places or not is actually going to make the difference between a memorable or a dull stay in Montreal. We just thought you should know about these places, so that you don’t spoil your vacation to this wonderful city.

Montreal – the Cool and not So Cool About it, Part 1

We thought of showing you Montreal from a better angle. Precisely, we thought of highlighting you the good and the not so good things about this city. When you are aware of the good things, you are more tempted to enjoy them. When you are, in advance, aware of the bad things, they don’t really bother you that much. Here are the 10 Cool things about Montreal.

Montreal – The Cool and the not so Cool, part 2

Here are the ugly things about Montreal. People that live her got used to them. But, if you think of them from a closer perspective, the picture is quiet disturbing. There are few ugly things that you see in Montreal on a daily basis that are not even present in a remote Third World Country. Curious?

Montreal – Best Restaurants Open 24/24

Sadly, there are not that many places in Montreal that are always open. At nighttime, people that are clubbing until 3AM are stuck with very few choices as to where they could get something to eat. There are these that simply give up and go to McDonald’s and Tim  Horton’s. Hopefully, this review will help them find a good location where they could grab quality food at affordable prices.

Montreal Places to Avoid

Here is list of Montreal Disasters that people experience year after year of visiting or living in Montreal. We remain hopeful that this Post will help you avoid them, at least this year. However, the list is practically the same year after year. So, if you will master the art of avoiding these things and places this year, next year should be a piece of cake. There is something else we urge you to compulsively repeat- Call Montreal Finest Escorts.

Montreal Most Affordable Hotels

So you happen to visit Montreal but you are closely watching your budget so that you have more money left for things that actually matter. Well, this list should be a great help to you because it will help you find hotels with remarkable hospitality and affordable prices. This way, you can set aside more money to Call Montreal’s Finest Ladies.

Montreal’s Top Resort Locations

In recent years, Quebec’s Tourism has been subject of massive domestic and overseas capital injections. As a result, few of Montreal‘s Resorts made it to the world wide recognition and are now being visited by thousands of tourists from all across the world every year. We though of identifying these little heavens just around the corner. You may want to reserve one the Ladies from our Precious Signature Collections to spend with you a gateway weekend at Mont Tremblant.