So here is it…the page that will actually help us increase the Quality of Escort Service we provide to our Privileged Clients. We worked hard to gain the respect of the Escort Community among Montrealers and visitors and we intend to protect it. Unlike some Montreal Agencies, we are not one nighters and we do not come up with new names and new web sites every year, because all the previous ones have been tarnished by bad publicity.

We offer Unique Escort Experience in Montreal and we will not deviate from our specialty. We are not typical Escort Agency that promises you the whole nine yards and the biggest bang for your dollars. Instead, we are an Escort Agency that specializes in providing Elite Escorts for the purpose of Time Companionship to Discriminating Gentlemen that value the company of educated, passionate, sexy, naughty Ladies and don’t mind to pay the price for it.

Kindly, leave us the remarks about specific encounter with one of our Escorts. Tell us things you liked and things you did not like. Please let us know if our Lady(ies) did not live up to your expectations. We promise to get back to you in the shortest delay possible and we’ll try to make it up to you on the best effort basis. Let us know what we could have done better.

At some point, we were told to continuously scroll the multiple pages of Escort Forums to see what  Clients write about Escorts that represent VIP Escort Montreal and the Clients’ satisfaction with Time they have spent with them. Although we agree these forums provide a great deal of Client Feedback, we believe, that there is not a more effective way of gathering this information than a simple direct link to our Clients. And besides, consulting Escort Review Boards take great amount of efforts and time.

Finally, we are open to any optimal suggestions on how to improve the Quality of the Escort Service we are providing to our dear Clients. So, feel free t0 share with us your thoughts on how the whole thing could be better. We promise to carefully analyze each suggestion and should we believe a given suggestion will dramatically increase Client Satisfaction with Escort Services we provide, we will momentarily implement the said suggestions.

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From: Christian Dougg <dougc0425@gmail.com>
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Was very satisfied with your selection. You definitely master the art of choosing the appropriate lady for the specific event. All I had to do is to mention that I was having a presentation and needed an escort for 2-3 hours. The Lady, Jenna, was conservatively dressed and was a pure  classical beauty. Won’t be in Montreal for long time but will definitely call ya guys on my way back. Try to be little bit more on time next time. 20 minute lateness is not a big deal but occasions are different.


Sender wishes to remain confidential

My wish list would be someone like Veronica: brunette (or more exotic), fit yet curvaceous, stylish and well spoken.  She should be able to pass as my lawyer or a business associate if I run into anyone.

I am not into fake breasts or shaved, but groomed and definitely discrete and stylish is a must.  Sexy through innuendo.

All the best,

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